Month: March 2017

Motherhood; bittersweet.  

One of my main goals in life is to become a mother. But my main goal is so far out of reach, I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I’ll do a post in more detail about that at a later date. 

Watching all these status’s on Facebook from people who I went to school with showing the things there children have gotten them and the things they have done today is extremely bittersweet. My main aim is to become a mother and in doing this I have to be 100% healthy, not only for myself but for my child as well. I’d never want to bring a child into the world when I am this overweight and another main issue, I have to do it via IVF and for this to happen I have to be at a very very lower weight that what I am at now. 

Since joining the gym for this reason I’ve also found a new love for the gym and exercising, to become the best I can ever be and after I become a mother I will continue to go to the gym and get healthy to give an example to my child. 

By this time next year I want that card from my bump, and in two years to have so many amazing adventures with my family. 


Nike free connect review;

I’m trying something new, a review. I’ve recently got a new pair of training shoes ‘Nike connects’So with me being a bit of a bigger girl, I hate bending down and doing my shoe laces, I get really self conscious. So when I saw the Nike connect training shoes I knew they where for me. No laces at all. They have a huge range of colours to choose from, but if you know me this where an imitate pick. Teal, aqua and greens are all my favourite colours. 

Other reviews say they run small, I’m a size six and they fit perfectly, not to tight, but tight enough they done slip or move. 

They are extremely comfy and very easy to train in, I wouldn’t suggest any other trainer. They do loosen during my sessions not enough to impact my cardio or weight sessions but when I go to put them on for my next session they are just like new. 

They give extremely good support and with a price tag of £40 you couldn’t really disagree, this was discounted. I suggest you all grab yourself a bargain. You’ll never look back. 

Eating? & a deadlift video below. 

Everybody loves to eat, I know I do. As of late I’m finding it harder to get healthier meals today, I’m finding hard to make better choices, I really wish I was better at the food side of things. I can go to the gym, smash an awesome session. Here is me lifting a 100kg. ​

Im doing so well in the gym however I’m cheating myself, I just can’t make good food choices, they are not bad choices just not the right choices, can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to lose weigh and I’m not going to achieve that by not eating right. 

Why must we love food but also hate food. 

Guess who’s back! The internet took an extremely long time to be installed. But I finally have it back and can post regular updates. Not going to lie so much has happened. I’m still a regular at the gym. Doing amazingly may I add. I’m stuck at the moment around 17 stone 2 pounds. Really want to get to where I see 16, it’s so close. But I’ve come so far from 18 stone 8lbs. 

So a little update, where to begin. So a main thing that’s happened is I’ve hit 100kg on a deadlift, this I am majorly proud of. Things have been a little tough as of late, I had a cold which has pushed me back. But other than that I’m excited where my new found fitness is taking me. Obviously I’ve moved house, I absolutely love my new place. I felt at home the moment I walked in, so that’s a bonus.

As I now have the internet back I’ll be posting at least once a week.