Eating? & a deadlift video below. 

Everybody loves to eat, I know I do. As of late I’m finding it harder to get healthier meals today, I’m finding hard to make better choices, I really wish I was better at the food side of things. I can go to the gym, smash an awesome session. Here is me lifting a 100kg. ​

Im doing so well in the gym however I’m cheating myself, I just can’t make good food choices, they are not bad choices just not the right choices, can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to lose weigh and I’m not going to achieve that by not eating right. 

Why must we love food but also hate food. 


Ladies lift also…

First gym session of 2017, I know I know a little delayed with it being the 3rd and all but it’s the only time I wasn’t busy. 

Somewhere down the line I want to be a power lifter so my personal trainer has given me a plan to start to get myself ready, not only are we lifting awesome weights we are also learning the perfect technique. 

This is my work out for today –

Obviously I’ve filled out myself what weights and what I achieved. Pretty much did it all. Not without complaining. For the last two months I’ve slowly been building my fitness, however you know what it’s like, whole knew programme and it feels like you are back to square one. Even typing this is killing my arms, but I’m so ready to become even better. Just hit two months in, I may have only lost a stone but by goodness I can already feel the benefits. Less fatigued, loser clothes and a boost in confidence. A little video of my warm up leg press. ​

Not much but I will start recording my workouts. Let me know if this is something you may be interested in. May even start a you tube channel. If you read this let me know. 

Catch you all later. 

The first day of a 365 day book; 

Let’s write a good one. So follow my journey. 

So the stigma around 2016, for myself at least it was a good year, I went on my first holiday via a plane (had holidays in the uk) in June to Walt Disney world Florida; that was amazing in itself. I’m already panning my next trip. I also found my love for fitness. I managed to achieve this in my last week of December – Which I am immensely proud of, for this new year the only way is up, getting stronger and reaching unthinkable goals. I’m ready for you 2017 bring in whatever, I’m standing tall and will accomplish a lot. 

Today the first also marks two months since starting the gym. 

Take care and I’ll be back soon.