Eating? & a deadlift video below. 

Everybody loves to eat, I know I do. As of late I’m finding it harder to get healthier meals today, I’m finding hard to make better choices, I really wish I was better at the food side of things. I can go to the gym, smash an awesome session. Here is me lifting a 100kg. ​

Im doing so well in the gym however I’m cheating myself, I just can’t make good food choices, they are not bad choices just not the right choices, can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to lose weigh and I’m not going to achieve that by not eating right. 

Why must we love food but also hate food. 


8 days & totally off with food! 

Eight whole days into the new year and I’ve been on a solid four days at the gym with one recovery session. This is just a mini post. I need help… what’s the best pre workout and post workout meals? Hope some of you guys can give me a few tips. Thanks in advance.