Month: April 2017


A new found love, ok ok, it’s not as amazing as the image above and it’s not exactly in the water either. It’s on solid ground in the gym. So not as exciting as first thought. 

I needed to incorporate more cardio into my routine. At first I was sticking to bike, treadmill and occasionally the stepper (this machine will bet the death of me). But last week I decided to do the rowing machine; something which I also hated. My first try I did ages ago if I can remember was 1000m in about six minutes and whatever seconds. Maybe even seven minutes. I’d stop and takes rests, be totally out of breath but now this was my first result. 1000m for 5:00.7 so much improvement from the first time. About two months previous. 

A week later I then decided to try again but this time push myself even more and better myself. 1000m for 4:51.5 amazingly better. Yes it’s not amazing to some people and nor is it close to the world record but to me this is my record. This is me showing myself I can improve, I can push myself and my failure is not what I think it is. I can do better and get better results. I’ll keep trying to get better result. Watch this space. 


Weekly Weigh In…

I’ve decided to start my weekly weigh in posts today and because I got weighed. 

SW: 18st 8lbs (260lbs) (117.934kg)

CW: 16st 13lbs (237lbs) (107.501kg)

TL: 1st 9lbs (23lbs) (10.433kg)

So I did start out at 18st 8lbs that was since December. So each week I’ll add what I lost and keep this up throughout my journey. 

Telling myself a little home truths…

“You know you have a really pretty face, shame your a bigger girl” – I bet more than one of us overweight girls have heard this before, or something along these lines. It’s not like you already dislike yourself and how much you’ve let it go you get people putting there too cent in. So far I’ve done extremely well and lost 21lbs but my eating it not on point. I woke up this morning and asked myself “how much do you actually want this, how much effort are you willing to put in”. And I said out aloud, “MORE THAN ANYTHING” 

So today after work I went out bought myself measuring scales, measuring cups and spoons. I’m going to get this eating sorting, as they do say 80% is what you eat and 20% is the gym, time I got this eating habits into a lifestyle and treat my body better. I’m going to try a follow weight watchers until I get a hang of this, so any fellow WW out there get in touch. 


Goals for April. Maybe I’m being very optimistic but I’d like to lose a stone. Right? Who wouldn’t. I think the real question here is; would it be possible? Am I jumping the gun and thinking this is healthy? Is there even a healthy way to lose that much weight? So many unanswered questions. 
You know what I think, let’s just flipping try shall we? April is that step close to summer, a step closer to that bikini body we all dream of yet that’s still about SIX STONE, yes six whole stone away from that. How will I even know if I’ll like my body or even have the body confidence to strut my stuff. 

One of my main reason for losing weight isn’t that bikini body, that would be nice. However I’m just losing weight to have an even bigger belly, yep you got it. A big pregnant belly. 

I have 124 days to get to lose 4-5 stone! Now that’s the real question. Can I do that. You see I can’t have a child naturally and need to go down the IVF route.